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..... Back in 2009, I casually told my wife that I wanted to buy a Camera and start selling pictures on the internet. My wife rolled her eyes thought to herself where does he come up with this stuff! Now mind you that I never had taken many good photos at this point, just a few nice sunsets from when I lived in Florida. Eventually my wife relented and bought me a camera for my birthday. I did not join Fine Art America until March of 2010 but when I got my first sale in May I was hooked. Here it is 2014 and I have been in Architectural Record Magazine, on a Book Cover for University of Penn Press and I have an image being featured as wallpaper on the DIY TV show Man Caves. I have Art hanging in Penn State University, The Sierra Hotel in Kink of Prusia, Venice Lofts in Manayunk and hanging in the main lobby of Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia. I have works hanging in hundreds of homes having sold nearly a thousand images since that 1st sale in in 2010. My portfolio has grown to around 5500 images with the majority Philadelphia area shots. My wife and I love to travel and we have been to New York, New Orleans, Key West, Tampa Bay, Vermont, New jersey, Maryland, West Virgina, Washington DC, The Carolinas, Virginia, Cancun and Ireland. 2014 is off to a great start and I am very thankful to all my customers!!

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Meet me at Sunset


Dunedin Florida - The Fenway


Clearwater at Sunrise


Boathouse Row in Philadelphia


Benjamin Franklin Parkway


Flight Plan


Urban Canyon - Philadelphia City Hall


Loving Life


Florida Live Oak Tree


Dunedin Causeway - Dunedin Florida


Southern Exposure


Palm Trees in the Early Morning Light


Boathouse Row in April


Egret Standing by the Water


Wonderous Waterfall


Sunset in Paradise


Something About a Sunrise Triptych 1


Something About a Sunrise Triptych 2


Something About a Sunrise Triptych 3


Sunshine on the Gulf


The Schuylkill River at Springtime


Yo Adrian


Rowing in Spring - Philadelphia


Swann Fountain at Sunrise


Spring in Center City Philadelphia